Friday, September 9, 2011

The paths I've walked...for a purpose

Ever 'studied' something for years and then just quit cause you 'hated' it, only to end up regretting your decision?

Ever fought with your really close friend and end up not talking for like years?

Ever been back-stabbed by people just so that they can climb over you to get something they want?

Ever been hated by people when all you're doing is for their own good?

Ever told someone the truth about what others think about them only to have them hate you?

Ever wished that you had told them how you feel rather than keeping it in?

Ever watched the one you love from afar... never going near?

Ever break up a relationship so that your precious person can find their own happiness?

Ever wished that you had done something different that would have changed the current present situation?

Ever said something that you could never take back?

etc... etc... etc...

I have... I quit ballet and music only to regret it... I fought with my close friend and until now we hardly talk ( not a word for 3 years)... People have spoken so badly of me in front of a superior so as to get something from me that they want so desperately... I've been hated by a whole group of people when all I was doing was helping them stay away from punishment...I have told numerous people the truth about what others are saying only to have them take it so negatively... I have regretted not expressing my true feelings... I've watched the one I treasured continue on with life... I've allowed him to find his own happiness... I've done so many things I wish I could just change... I've said too many things that I could not take back...

BUT IN ALL THESE REGRETS... I live only to find out that I actually do not regret them....

I've gone through so many experiences with a purpose... 

Yes... A PURPOSE...

That I may understand those that go through them... that I may be a source of strength and an example to others stating that these things should NEVER EVER PULL A PERSON DOWN!! The are the bones that have been broken for us to learn from... We only have so many bones that we can break... That's why we have to learn from others.. And I'm proud and SO SHOULD YOU that mine and your broken bones can be examples for others to learn from... Save their bones for other experiences...

NEVER GO ON WITH LIFE WITH REGRET! Look back and see what you have learnt from these experiences...believe me.. you will be amazed at how these painful experiences have allowed you to GROW...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy like a bee~

wow.. i think i can consider this blog dead? O.O haven't touched it since last year XD... on the other hand, i have been updating the other blog ^^ guess i'm better at talking about other things rather than myself ^^ hehe ^^ If you haven't seen my other blog, PLEASE DO! XD It is called D@iLy Do!nG$! You can access it via ^^ enjoy it~ Please do give feed backs and em.. if it is ok for me to request, when you post on my chat please do note which blog you're viewing cuz i'm not quite sure the feedback goes to which as the chat is linked to both my blogs ^^ THANKS PPL!! You're the best!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010


I never knew so many people viewed my blog @_@"" just found the stats button on my dashboard!!! Thx people out there ^^~~ This blog will remain as my personal blog while the other blog i have started since yesterday will be my project blog ^^~~


D@iLy Do!nG$... Simply-Sweet-and-Simple

Unlike this blog where I post my experiences ( though I rarely do it), this new blog will be my writings on personal opinions, giving personal advises, presenting to you must try cooking and baking recipes, book, music and movie reviews and many other daily doings ^^~~ So if you happen to be browsing through here, take a stop by ^^~~

Huggies and Kisses

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super Mega Update!!

Heyz!! Been like forever since I last updated Bloggie..not good not good... cannot become like Tan Choon Wei ( never update his blog =P ).... Here is my 100 excuses why I haven't updated my blog....

1. Been busy with Unicol ( DUH )
2. Been busy practicing for and performing 180 The Musical.
3. Studying for finals.
4. Been having a rough time at unicol.
5. Just didn't have any inspiration to write.
6. Been playing a new online game.
7. Been only touching my Facebook Account.
8. Been thinking of another 92 more excuses for not updating my blog.
9. Still need 91 more.
10. OK I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here are the titles of my coming posts..... in other words...a preview of the future!! Isn't that awesome!!! HAHAHAHAhahahaaaaaaaa... ( fine i know this is lame..)

1. 180 The Musical performance ( How we got there and How we survived!!!! )

2. Behind the Mask, Beyond the 4 Walls.

3. A Memorable Service Experience
4. Mocktail presentation.
5. I have these words written on my face, " Don't worry, you can rely on me " 
6. Who is the new guy in town???

In actual fact, there are many more things I have to update you with, such as my sudden craze over wine knowledge, coffee knowledge die die need to bake personality also XD and loads more.. but I'll just start with these 6 coming post... for those who haven't met in me a while and have not gotten any news from me, look out for my post on " Who is the new guy in town??? " *wink* you'll know why later.. till then..HUGGIES and KISSES!!